Arcadeberry on the Amazon Appstore

Arcadeberry Briefing

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Skills add new capabilities that allow you to create a more personalised experience with your Amazon Echo, Amazon Fire TV, and other Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

Enabling the Arcadeberry Briefing skill for Amazon Alexa adds a section to your Amazon Alexa flash briefing detailing the latest posts from our site. Forming an essential part of your weekly gaming news round-up, the Arcadeberry Briefing is the easiest way to keep up to date with our latest posts.

Simply enable the Arcadeberry Briefing skill for Amazon Alexa from inside the Amazon Alexa app and ask your enabled device “What’s my Flash Briefing?” or “What’s the news?”.

Arcadeberry Mobile Website Hub

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The Arcadeberry Mobile Website Hub aims to streamline our site’s mobile viewing experience. With a reduced number of interface elements, each integrated with the online site via your device’s browser, we can provide a faster, cleaner and simpler browsing experience.

The application is currently in its beta development stage and is available to download below via the Amazon App Store. The app is currently compatible with over 200 Android devices!

Installing the Amazon App store on Android devices:

  1. Ensure your Android phone/tablet has “Unknown Sources// Allow Installation of apps from unknown sources” enabled in your phone’s security menu (Settings -> Security)
  2. Visit Press the button labeled “Download the Amazon Appstore” to download an APK file.
  3. Swipe down to open your notification tray and press on the recently downloaded file.
  4. Click “INSTALL” when prompted by the popup window
  5. Wait for the installation to complete

Finding us on the Amazon App store:

  1. Press the button below to open our app’s Amazon App Store page
  2. Follow on screen instructions to install the appamazon-appstore-badge.png


Q: Will it come out on Iphones?

A: There are currently no plans for an IOS release of the app. The app is being developed soley for the Amazon appstore which is available to most Amazon and Android devices.

Q: When is the app going to be released?

A: Although the app is currently in a usable state, once enough community feedback has been collected and some planned features have been implemented it will be fully ready for release.

Q: What features are planned?

A: A visual design overhaul, an inbuilt browser to view articles within the app itself, the ability to save content offline and much more.

We welcome community feedback:

To get involved with the app’s development by providing insightful feedback please fill out the form below: