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Thank you for reading 1970-2020 – 50 years of must play videogames! Please enjoy these bonus extras.

Crossword puzzle answers:

How many did you get?

Answers (easy):

Q. Which franchise features a female archaeologist as a protagonist?
A. Tomb Raider.
Q. Which company owns the Mario franchise?
A. Nintendo. 
Q. Who created The Legend of Zelda?
A. Shigeru Miyamoto.
Q. What is Rockstar's most popular franchise?
A. Grand Theft Auto
Q. The 'Able Sisters' feature in which Nintendo franchise?
A. Animal Crossing
Q. Which videogame console has the highest number of sales?
A. PlayStation 2
Answers (hard):

Q. What was the original name for Pac-Man? 
A. Puck-Man
Q. Photo-journalist Frank West stars in which franchise?
A. Dead Rising
Q. Hidetaka Suehiro (Aka. Swery65) created which mystery horror game?
A. Deadly Premonition
Q. Rockstar Games originated in which UK city?
A. Leeds
Q. The Ace Attorney franchise first appeared on which handheld system? 
A. Gameboy advance
Q. A precursor to pong, what was the name of one of the first videogames.
A. Tennis for Two
Q. Which console, released in 1982, was created to deal with an abundance of CRT monitors?
A. Vectrex
Q. Ubisoft's shooter Far Cry 2 was set in a fictional nation of which continent?
A. Africa
Q. Skyrim is the world of the fifth game of which franchise?
A. Elder Scrolls
Q. Mario Kart 8 launched on which console?
A. WiiU

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Instructions for use (Windows 10):

Available in 1920×1080 resolution.

  1. Click here to download the wallpapers in a zip file.
  2. Extract the file using Windows file explorer.
  3. Navigate to your home screen and right click on your current desktop background .
  4. Click on “personalise”.
  5. Select “Background” -> “Picture” and press “browse”.
  6. Locate your downloads folder (or select the location in which you exported the zip file).
  7. Select the image in your desired resolution.
  8. Enjoy your new wallpaper!