Our rating system

Our rating system

When we review anything here at Arcadeberry, our aim is to provide high-quality and impartial reviews which you can trust. When we recommend any product you can be sure that nothing has influenced our decision other than the individual merits of the product itself.

For complete transparency, reviews of products which were given to our organisation free of charge are clearly marked. In articles published before 01/01/2020 this notice is displayed above the main text body and in our newer articles appears at the below the main text body.

Recent changes to our rating system

As of April 2020, we are changing the way we review our games to try and make what we think a little clearer.

We have introduced a new ‘Scoreboard’ element, which will be placed in the final sections of our reviews going forward. It displays up to six comments which provide a basic summary of the positive and negative points stated in our review. This is accompanied by a percentage score and single-word comment to helps those in a hurry gain a quick understanding of the content of our review in a convenient fashion whilst also providing an easy point of reference for returning readers.

For the sake of consistency and ease of reading, percentage scores are only awarded as numbers that are multiples of five (e.g. 35%). The percentage score awarded also determines which single-word comment is present on the ‘Scoreboard’. Below you can find some further details regarding the possible single-word comments and their corresponding percentage scores.

>40% – Awful

40%/45% – Poor

50%/55% – Promising

60%/65% – Good

70%/75% – Great

80%/85% – Excellent

90%/95% – Amazing

100% – Masterpiece

The ‘Scoreboard’ element is intended to be a brief summary, so may not include reference to all of the points made throughout the course of the written review. The points selected to appear on the ‘Scoreboard’ are chosen because they are deemed most relevant to the allocated percentage score.

If you have any questions about our reviews or rating system, you can learn more about our website by viewing the ‘About us’ page or you can click the following link to reach out to us directly.